Min-Maxing My TRPG Build in Another World


Commissioned in death to save a world in peril, a tabletop RPG fanatic is reborn as a humble farm boy with the rulebook for the universe at his fingertips! Young Erich’s quest for an invincible character build will require more than his decades as a number-crunching munchkin, though. Even with power-leveled skills, feudal life is no cakewalk—especially when you keep drawing more attention than you can handle… Can Erich adapt to his strange new world before his worst impulses take the campaign of a lifetime completely off the rails? Let the dice fall where they may!

TRPGプレイヤーが異世界で最強ビルドを目指すTRPG Player ga Isekai Saikyou Build wo Mezasu

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Harem, Isekai, Slice of Life
Volume 01 Premium or (Mirror) 26-Oct-2022 v1.1.2 updated
Volume 02 Premium or (Mirror) 15-Jul-2022 v1.1 updated
Volume 03 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 04.1 Canto I Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 04.2 Canto II Premium or (Mirror)

Updated February 18, 2023
Volume 05 Premium or (Mirror)

Next volume est. June 5, 2023
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  1. 1 thing worth noting before reading this

    THIS is your average isekai genre,
    but the MC or should I say ‘THE PC’ *WINK* gets access to the TRPG (Tabletop RPG, NOT Tactical RPG) system, such as leveling, gaining experience, skills, etc.

    It kind of bored me cuz the story mostly cropped into several different seasons and when the good part begins, the author just skipped it. at least in the first volume. Or maybe the author just wanted us to learn more about the world. Ok. so yea, its personal prefs.

    But overall, its good, tho the chances and fate brought the mc to a harem*.

    I dont dislike harem, but theres this 1 title where the harem led to a polygamy and having child(ren).
    That’s so fd up.

  2. This feels like a one-sided Quest on Spacebattles or Sufficient Velocity.

    Got me hooked real good. Especially on those What-If chapters at the end of the volume. I can feel excitement reading those lol.

    Binged read this in an entire night and I eagerly await for updates

  3. i read the novel, fell in love with the arachne waifu, need mroe simply because of her,
    the MC not killing is a bit of a downer especially since its all for money but oh well the rest was a perfect read!

    1. For future readers, MC refraining from killing was just an early initial mindset he had in the first volume
      But it already shifted in the second volume to a more rational thought (and he’s still 12 years old by the way), which is, “Is there anyone would would benefit from such mercy?”
      In case of bandits, MC will refrain because he will economically benefit from it, because their bounties double when captured alive (since the government would rather torture them to death in public, to serve as examples)
      He does a lot of introspectives, and doesn’t simply stick by the values of his previous life

  4. This stands out a bit, but not necessarily in good ways.

    BEWARE, the below contains mild spoilers


    The characters and interactions are less cliche than I expected. The author hints at certain developments or creates characters that seem like they would end up in a certain way (because they so often do in this genre) and then moves in another direction. Don’t expect any great character depths – but there’s enough soul in the main characters to more or less stave off the feeling of deja-vu that many isekai stories invoke.

    The most relevant to my positive impression is the arachne girl from the cover. She makes an appearance as a very proactive childhood friend exhibiting clear (though initially pretty childish) interest in the MC. Despite that she manages to avoid devolving into the background “banked” love interest – she remains an active character and maintains a bit of a back-and-forth dynamic with the MC with a hint of possessiveness, without also slipping into the annoying tsundere cliches (or becoming a yandere, although she does give some dangerous vibes now and then). The “other end” of the relationship is pretty solid as well. The MC manages to be neither a black hole protagoinst nor a turbo-virgin that blushes at the thought of girls existing in the same universe as him. He does notice the girl’s advances and isn’t entirely impervious to them, which in turn makes him pretty uncomfortable.

    …which brings us to a word of warning that I need to add. Our arachne girl grows up as the novel progresses and her interest in MC matures along the way too. But she happens to come from a race that basically maintains their pubescent (at best) looks throughout their adult lifespans. A feature exacerbated by the fact that they are physically small. All that seems unnecessary and not necessarily in the best taste – and the fact that MC’s psyche is affected by previous life’s adult memories isn’t helping. If you are repulsed by the idea of romantic sub-plots featuring a girl that’s never going to look any older than early teens, while being even smaller than that – steer clear.

    The writing is, frankly, a mess. The novel features the TRPG theme – and at times feels like a collection of assorted GM notes that someone tried to put together into a novel.

    The theme of “game mechanics” takes a lot of place but is never explained enough for it intricacies to ever become important. All you need to know is that MC can allocate XP into skills and there is enough skills and their combination for the Author to pull anything they want straight of their ass (although, to their credit, they do it in moderation).

    Another thing author spends a lot of space on is world-building. Normally a worthy endeavour – problem is, this world-building feels like GM notes on the setting: largely comes in the form of info-dumps on things that COULD be used in some relevant plots but, in the end, aren’t, not in a meaningful way, at least. Most things appear, are used for something trivial (if even that) and are never seen impacting the story in any way again.

    There’s a similar issue with certain characters. At its worst we get a character that appears briefly as a supporting (borderline background) character for one scene. Then gets a whole chapter of background (including her race’s background and personal history) and pov of the scene in question… and then disappears from the story never to be as much as mentioned in passing again.

    The chapters themselves are pretty choppy – they spend a lot of time on trivial stuff, may also have a bit of a build-up, and then often end abruptly, leading to a time-skip and leaving the reader with a feeling that they must’ve missed a couple pages. This gets much, much worse at the end – the last chapter end on a huge bomb-shell… and then is followed by an epilogue many years later, leaving the reader feeling that they must’ve skipped a volume or two. The bomb-shell – possibly the biggest damned revelation of the entire novel – is not addressed in the epilogue AT ALL, as if it never even happened.

    If you feel the allure of proactive loli waifus with a possessive streak but enough sense of balance to not fall into the pit of becoming yandere or an annoying tsundere character – then you may read this and enjoy your time. If that’s not to your taste, steer clear of this title since it has very little else to offer.

    1. Can’t disagree with you, but just a note the bomb-shell in the last part, well, it’s bad explained but basically it never happened, it’s like a what if from re zero, only shows a different story for what could be if a certain choise was different, though i agree it never get’s explained that way till you read the second volume…

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