Missing links?

Lately there has been several reports regarding missing links in pages. The links are actually there, if you can’t see it, then you have a problem with your adblocker. It removed the links from the page. You will have to adjust the settings by yourself to fix it.

As far as I’ve noticed, only the links going to raboninco (dot) com are being removed from pages.

PS: It would seem that Easylist filters are the culprit for the new adblocking rule:
to remedy this, add this to your filters (My Filters in Ublock Origin):

You can also try pressing the EYE icon on Ublock Origin to turn off cosmetic filtering for the site, it should work too (if my understanding is correct).

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  1. i use the incorpored ADblocker on opera browser and i just put this page (that novel corner) on the whitelist and it was solved

  2. Just want to say, be careful. In this 2020, many “unofficial” site has go down. Be prepare before this site go down too. My favorite WN site already became a victim.

  3. I’m surprised someone actually use AdBlock when open this site.
    isn’t it common sense to whitelist you fav website to show your appreciation?

    1. I have the site on white list, but ublock keeps blocking the adds. Maybe i configured it wrongly? Though i just typed the site link on the whitelist and saved.

  4. Most likely the main cause is Adblock Plus.
    A few days ago, when i was browsing the links in animechiby — they post their links in a paste page — i noticed that links were gone. After searching for the problem, i found out that rabonico . com links were filtered by ABP eventhough i don’t remember blocking it in the first place.

    For those having the same issue, try this.
    open the page where the missing links are > right click the ABP icon > Open blockable items > toggle the rabonico (red)

    1. thanks for posting a solution. I don’t use ABP so I have not encountered this issue. Hopefully this works for everyone.

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