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Hi, i get a few issues on the current host so i’ll move to another host (since the hosting plan has expired and i’ve decided not to renew).Β  I’ll give you this notice for now. The move is already done but i have to point the address to the new server (we are still on the old host).

I will do that tomorrow so, if you are worried, just download the novels you want now i guess? It’ll be fine, don’t worry.


*Andddd it has not been as smooth as i had hoped… so i reverted it, for now. I’ll try to figure things out :/

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    1. For some reason the links don’t work (404 not found) after a full import, only the main page works. I tried adjusting the permalinks and some others but it still doesn’t work. Did another import using another plugin and ended with limited success as well, for now i’m asking support to walk me through it as we figure out the issue, so it’s fine i think. Thanks for your offer.

        1. I should be done with the host thing by the end of the week. I’ll update new stuff when the shift is done, sorry about that!

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