Moving forward..

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“Refer to original post” is broken for the older posts, but you can access them from the Light Novels page. I may be doing some changes/updates to the layout and stuff when i am free.

You will have to re-subscribe to this new site to get email updates.

Maybe i’ll add some non-intrusive ads somewhere on the page, a better contact form (it’s currently one-way, i can receive but can’t reply back), and what else? The calendar on the right is troublesome to update, i may find a better alternative. I don’t think I’ll need chatboxes.

One last thing, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but i only have official eBooks here, in epub format. PDF is an outdated standard, i don’t see why you’ll be needing it, and i don’t use PDFs so I’m not uploading them (there are exceptions though). If the eBooks are released by the official publishers, you’ll usually see them here within the week or two. Unless it’s the less popular ones, then it takes longer.

Update: I added a mining script on the sidebar on the right. I’m trying this out to see if this is effective. It is off by default, you can start it and keep the page running to support me, if you want. It should NOT be running secretly in the background without your knowledge. If you notice that it is running even when the script is set to OFF, please inform me.

Update 2: I’ve removed the script since it is triggering some user’s anti-virus. I’ll look into other options.

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the update.

    Was wondering if you’ve ever considered hosting web novels from independent authors as well, maybe on a different tab? That might be cool.

    1. the translators for web novels have their own sites as well, it’s better to go to their sites directly to read their translations.

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