Mushoku Tensei Vol. 7 Updated

無職転生 ~異世界行ったら本気だす~Jobless Reincarnation -It will be all out if I go to another world-

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9 thoughts on “Mushoku Tensei Vol. 7 Updated

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  1. Only read the WN. For those reading this, how is it compared to the WN?
    Any major differences (other than having an editor)?
    How along is the story compared to the WN?

    1. Compared to the Web version there aren’t many changes, and not really altering ones up until now

      Some bits and pieces have change, but the overall narrative remains the same.

      We get more story and things that were mention in passing in the WN version are more develop here. Like this entire chapter covers a part that we only knew it happens before, but never actually experience

    2. According to the wiki this one is a new story not covered in the WN (between WN 6 and WN 7) so you should read it.

  2. Thank you very much. Your page has been one of the few things that has keep me sane during the pandemic

    1. Easy guess vol 8 will be in October and vol 9 in December, that’s the case if they keep playing the same pattern

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