Mushoku Tensei

無職転生 ~異世界行ったら本気だす~Jobless Reincarnation -It will be all out if I go to another world-

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem
Volume 01 or (M)
Volume 02 or (M)
Volume 03 or (M)
Volume 04 or (M)

Updated January 17, 2020
Volume 05 or (M)

Next volume est. July 7, 2020

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  1. So, the volume 1 is a bit weird on my smartphone with the images being pretty huge for some reason. The same is happening in both versions so I don’t know if this is normal or anything.

    1. That is due to the formatting of the SevenSeas, the publisher. They made the ebook like this. You’re probably used to the format from JNC and YP where they format it nicer. There’s not much you can do except for editing the epubs yourself, or perhaps tweak your ebook reader settings?

  2. Out of wonder what is the English LN up to since the Japanese one is at 22 I am wondering how far behind this technique is compared to English releases

    1. If some people are willing to purchase and share it earlier, then of course everyone can read it earlier. But everyone has their own constraints, money, time, etc. Even i cannot buy all LN volumes because my money is limited.

  3. Had no idea this was even licensed. Will be interesting how this will differ from the web fan translations. Thanks

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