New link redirects

Please refer to the screenshots on how to download using the new links.
The previous ad-links merged with them, so they are what we’ve got now.

PS: If you are facing issues, try using incognito mode / private browsing.

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  1. Now the end of August and Jowy’s not been around since May.
    Last update on LinkTree was in June.
    So that’s roughly 4 months on the site since word has been heard and 3 months on LinkTree.
    With that much, it really feels like the site is dead and not coming back (sadly).

  2. It’s already August… I know there is new volumes, yet there is no updates… Perhaps, it was dropped?
    That reminds me about popular utuber Enjoyker (Enjoykin), who just disappeared without warnings…
    If that the case, that would be sad…

    1. I’ve seen that Linktree during the first month this site was not updating. It’s good that it has updated since, means Jowy is still active altho taking a break atm

      1. Might be dead, Linktree thing hasn’t been updated in as long as this site has…..

        Just a constant “I’m on break”.

  3. We really miss you man. I hope you’ll be back soon.
    I really got scared a few days ago when I can’t access this web you know.

    1. I’m also curious. There hasn’t been an update on this site for over a month now.

      Still alive and well?

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