New link redirects

Please refer to the screenshots on how to download using the new links.
The previous ad-links merged with them, so they are what we’ve got now.

PS: If you are facing issues, try using incognito mode / private browsing.

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  1. Hello I’m sorry for being Ignorant but when I press “Free Access” it wants me to complete the following task like downloading opera gx which im already using. it seems you guys don’t need to do such things, may I ask how?

    1. There’s a setting for that. There’s also another setting to make people do surveys. On my end, I have to turn off all such settings with every link so do point out in the comments if I ever miss any and the links make you download something or do surveys.

  2. The “free access” is the part that confused me, but anything else is normal for me. Hope they change that part into something more easier to comprehend like, “HERE IS THE LINK, CLICK IT” or something along that line. I had thought I was facing the kind of website that had to put me on 60 seconds wait just to click it.

  3. You can ignore most complaints. The new setups works just fine for me and is even faster and better than Adfly – making downloads more convenient. About the adblock stuff and such: it really is just a settings thing.

    1. Unfortunately it’s hard to conclude at this point. I do hope it is not a specific region that’s facing the redirect issue… None of the people facing the issue has currently mentioned a solution that worked for them yet :/

  4. It’s just broken. The links don’t actually redirect to mega, just some kind of weird landing page that doesn’t have the books. Please fix.

    1. I’m not seeing the problem, it redirects to mega for me just fine. I can’t fix things without knowing what’s broken, so which link?

      1. From today’s batch

        – So You Want to Live the Slow Life? Vol. 2
        – Strike the Blood Vol. 22
        – The Holy Grail of Eris Vol. 3

        it redirects to itself

        1. I just tested and I have no such issue, the links are working just fine. Are you following the steps as per the screenshot? Have you tried using a different browser or device? Perhaps even tweaking your adblocker?

        1. Well, the way i see it, when links are interrupted from loading (while the url bar is still blank), it will always do this regardless of the browser. You get the same thing when you press STOP while opening a random link with the url bar blank. Anyway, this is not something i can fix on my end so i’ll just take note of this, thanks.

  5. this link redirect is much better than adfly. on top of the annoying countdown, that one also always have pop up ads that opens new browser window. thank goodness this one only has captcha and no annoying stuff even after disabling adblock.

    1. They will always detect ad-links as virus/malware/trojans. Avoid clicking the ads and don’t install anything funky from the site, well, the usual protocol.

      1. Not sure if this is related but I have been using the new links just fine *except* Now I’m a Demon Lord v2.
        For some unknown reason, Windows Defender loses its shit when it analyzes the partially downloaded chunk of the zip file stored in a temp name, and nukes it without prompting at like 73%. This happened to me twice (both mirrors). No I don’t know why tf it’s scanning incomplete downloads either. When I shut that down and retried I got exactly as expected, a book in a zip file with no harmful or even slightly executable content. /shrug

        1. That’s probably because of heuristics or something, it guesses that you’re downloading from a dangerous website and blocked the download? perhaps? I just tried to download v2 but windows defender is not reacting. Usually when files are blocked, you can open the action center / notification panel on the right and unblock the file. You’ll either have to figure out how to easily unblock files or find the specific setting and tweak it. I don’t recommend turning off your antivirus/firewall software as people sometimes forget to turn it back on.

  6. Thank you for the heads up. Saw this yesterday and thought the link was bugged.

    Much appreciated and keep up the good work <3

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