No Game No Life


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Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
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Updated February 18, 2020
Volume 10 or (M)

Next volume est. TBD

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        1. Yea it is working, i just tested it again. There may be some issues with connectivity on your end. Possibly adblocker? I tried and it works for chrome and firefox. You may want to get “Universal Bypass” addon to help if you still can’t get to the link?

  1. Is the mobile one safe? It downloads an apk with a strange name and my device seems to think it is a video file, I’m not very confident about opening it

    1. no the apk is from the ad, you need to reject downloading it or just delete it. The mobile link should have .epub file. I suggest you use a mobile adblocker

    1. It WAS July 30, I think you mistook June 30 with July 30. July 30th is not here yet. But anyways, i checked the official website and turns out they delayed it again, next estimated release date is october 29.

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