No rain no rainbow!

Thanks to all, the safe browsing warning has been cleared!
We haven’t had a poll in a long while since most novels are always caught up. Many thanks to everyone’s help, donations, and shares! This list only contains the novels that have already been released, so please don’t suggest novels that are releasing this month.

*Thanks to all who voted, I’ve shared the top 3.

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  1. you know, i fell in love with a soap girl looks like your tipicall romcom hentai novel if you start but is one of the best written novels i read with no sex xD

    1. Jessica bannister is also western but they are published by J-novel club as part of a new line of western stories

  2. is it only just me that can’t access links but when it comes to other shortened links it’s just fine. if so please fix the links for them especially the ascendance of bookwork and drugstore in another world.

  3. A villaness for the tyrant is an amazing korean story with a lot of plot twist and fun characters it is hard for me to explain without getting in to spoiler (it has many twist and turns that i don’t want to ruin) but i asure is really good

    A villaness for the tyrant gang, LET’S GO!

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