Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha

望まぬ不死の冒険者The Unwanted Undead Adventurer

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Volume 01 Premium or (M)
Volume 02 Premium or (M)
Volume 03 Premium or (M)

Volume 06 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 07 Premium or (Mirror)

Updated December 12, 2020
Volume 04 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 05 Premium or (Mirror)

Next volume est. TBD

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  1. Is the Vol 1 Premium outdated? Another copy I have translated the dungeon name as “Labyrinth of the Moon’s Reflection”. This name also appears in the J-NC Vol 1 preview as it’s early in chapter 1

    1. Also want to mention, the non-premium Vol 1 I downloaded from here previously had the J-NC translation using “Labyrinth of the Moon’s Reflection”

      1. They’ve probably changed it? If you check Amazon/Bookwalker’s volume 1 previews, you can see that they are currently using the name ‘Water Moon Dungeon’ as well.

        1. That’s odd. Volume 2 onwards (even on Bookwalker’s preview), uses the “Labyrinth of the XXX” naming scheme for both ” Labyrinth of the Moon’s Reflection” and “Labyrinth of the New Moon”. Also even in the Vol 1 preview on Bookwalker (and the the copy uploaded here), when they use the full name they use “Water Moon Dungeon”, but then offhandedly sometimes refer to it as “Moon’s Reflection”. The Amazon, Bookwalker, J-NC synopsis even use “Labyrinth of the Moon’s Reflection”. I’m feel like this is an outdated copy from when they were in the process of changing the translation.

          1. Well I just checked and you’re right, they even say this on the official forums. I didn’t purchase this premium myself, it was shared by someone else, so I do not have access to the latest version of the ebook (i’m not even sure if there is an updated version). I do not intend to bother the sharers so I’m sorry but you’ll have to make do with it.

            Hey adventurers! I just wanted to give a quick note about new changes that appear in this part.

            Labyrinth of the Moon’s Reflection > Water Moon Dungeon
            Labyrinth of the New Moon > New Moon Dungeon

            Sorry for any confusion, I hope that helps!

            1. Thanks. That’s a really weird decision though. I guess whoever was in charge of the Premium version of Vol 1 just didn’t use the existing translations? Oh well. Guess it’s just a weird translation quirk.

              1. It appears that volume 5-6 are from a different translator, if you look at the copyright page. I’m sure they’d have revisited/revised the previous volumes, logically speaking. If you purchased the book, you should be able to get the latest revision, or you should be able to request for an updated version directly from them. Hopefully.

                1. That’s a shame, I liked the names “Labyrinth of the Moon’s Reflection” and “Labyrinth of the New Moon”. I guess I’ll stick the older copies here lol

  2. i’m not able to download volume 4. i downloaded 1-3, and 5 with no problem but 4 is giving me a problem.
    i would really appreciate it if someone could verify if this is an issue with me. i get to the download page but after putting in the password, i don’t get a download message for the file.

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