Orc Eroica

オーク英雄物語 忖度列伝Orc Eiyuu Monogatari Sontaku RetsudenOrc Eroica: Conjecture ChroniclesOrc Hero Story – Discovery Chronicles


​Long ago, as the fires of war raged among the twelve races, one name inspired fear and awe in the heart of every orc—Bash. A living legend to his people, Bash has enjoyed many a blood-soaked victory. But this Hero harbors a shameful secret. Though it is the pride of every orc to match his triumphs in battle with conquests in the bedroom, Bash has been entirely devoted to the former. Thus, he embarks on a journey to face his greatest challenge yet: finding a wife and losing his virginity!

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By the author of Mushoku Tensei
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance
Volume 01 or (Mirror)
Volume 02 or (Mirror)

Updated December 20, 2022
Volume 03 or (Mirror)

Next volume est. TBD
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    1. To anyone else wondering this: I’d say it’s quite tame. Sure, there are some NSFW descriptions here and there (like the Orcs’ breeding prison) but it never gets into too much details.

  1. Whoa, another LN from Rifujin?
    After reading the prologue alone, I got hooked with the world and the MC, and decide to support them by buying the book (digitally, too bad it wasn’t on google playbook).

  2. Hi. I generaly like the genre, and really apreciated Mushoku Tensei because of the Isekai/Fantasy theme and the masterful worl-building and story, the Harem thing however didn’t interest me. I can find some interactions funny, but that’s it.
    Do you recommand me that new series? It seems mainly focused on Harem, so I would appreciate your opinions.

  3. To ne honest I dont like Mushoku Tenshi, I read it from web novels and quiet a lot of volumes didn’t liked how major incidents happened. Major things happened out of blue, big shifts in personality and most of all how rudy interfered in his dads affair and such kinda stuff, he judged his dad but hi is quiet a letcher himself. Used to like harems a lot but not any more. Not a big fan of hypocrisy.
    I will try this one too hope there is not much rape or such in the novel, absolutely hate reading those..

    1. Lol. that sounds like you didn’t put enough thought on what the characters’ minds and emotions at the time. I mean like Mushoku Tensei is not the greatest thing out there, that depends on preference obviously. I don’t know, i may have a longer attention span for it or since i read it a bit late as an adult but i feel like the author did put enough reasons and motivations for the characters to progress the story to what it is. Also Rudeus was still very attached(or regretful) to his former life up until the later parts of the story. Perhaps that’s why at first he is too focused to himself not minding much how others felt


      which is how i think he got in trouble with his dad and how he lost Eris. It was only later when the evil god was actively plotting to kill him or his family that he got to confront his fears and truly accept his life as what it is.

      1. I read the whole web novel so I don’t know how the different the LN was but I disliked the final volumes, it fell into almost complete nonsense as it tried to assemble some climatic villian but it fell flat on it’s face. The final villian not all that threatening and the final fights especially were way too anti climatic and boring. I’m not sure how to leave a spoiler tag but all I can say is that eris felt like she was only there begrudgingly by Rudy because of how she was added and how Rudy acted in the last volume was pathetic and completely unlike him. Putting it simply I think the last few volumes felt like the author needed to make a sufficient villian but he completely failed, that and how the whole thing is sequel bait made me dislike the end very much.

      2. I wrote a whole paragraph of stuff but it didn’t send, I mainly agree with OP ( i read the WN) major shifts in personality for no good reason, and then no shifts in personality for things that should. I liked the early volumes but the later volumes sucked. The final villian was horrendous, and the fights were way too short. Rudy in the last volume felt pathetic it didn’t fit either of his selfish past or his new caring personality and didn’t even make sense tactically. Eris felt like she was jsut put in begrudgingly and I never felt chemistry between her and Rudy. The fact it was all sequel bait basically killed it for me after that.

  4. Fuck yeah bro thx a lot I’ve been waiting a long time on this one.

    Same author as Mushoku Tensei so you already know he has a great grip on developing a good fantasy world and fantastic characters.

    I hope the MC is as fun as Rudy lol, I quite like Rudy so that’s gonna be tough, hopefully we get a great harem here too, a little more varied this time in races lol, sure Roxy is a demon and Sylphy a half elf but they look very human.

    Hopefully translators didn’t butcher it like Mushoku Tensei though and we’re getting 4-5 revisions when people call out their bullshit censorship …..

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