OreGairu Vol. 3 Updated

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  1. i dont understand this publishing, where is vol 1? and what is the diffrence between OreGairu and Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru.? and why is Yahari ore no has 2 vols???

    1. LOL

      You know what is a complete title and abbreviated title right?

      This website is not publishing but just sharing/posting

      1. but that still doesn’t answer my question since i already know that oregairu is the short title of the anime which makes things more confusing in short my question is what is the diffrence between this two title and which one should i download since Oregairu doesnt have vol 1 but hast vol 2 and 3 and the other has vol 2 3 but not 1

        1. It’s all the same thing. The post with the title “yahari ore no ….” (the super long full title), is the series’ MAIN PAGE. It has all the volumes listed there, and always has the most updated links. The other post that says “OreGairu Vol. 2 Updated” and so on, are just RELEASE posts, that means ‘hey i just shared volume 2, here it is!’.

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