Our Crappy Social Game Club Is Gonna Make the Most Epic Game

弱小ソシャゲ部の僕らが神ゲーを作るまでJakushou Soshage-bu no Bokura ga Kamige wo Tsukuru made

Past trauma leads Shiraseki Kai to abandon the world of social game development, so he transfers to Maikun High School to start a new life. But on his first day he meets Aoi Nanaka, the president of a low-tier social game club, and finds out that the club is on the brink of disbanding—and is also populated by total weirdos! The programmer, Oushima Aya, is a crazed gacha addict, and the illustrator, Kuroba Eru, faints from the cuteness of her own drawings?! Kai joins the club, which gives them enough members to continue… or so they thought. The student council hands down an ultimatum: “Win a competition against another school or disband!” Now their management talents will really be put to the test. With the skills that he’s nurtured and his new set of friends, can Kai face his fears to create the ultimate social game?!

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Genre: Gaming, Romance, Slice of Life
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Updated March 31, 2021
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Next volume est. TBD
Password: thatnovelcorner.com

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