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Genre: Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction
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Updated November 1, 2019
Volume 11 or (M)

Next volume est. TBD
Password: thatnovelcorner.com

17 thoughts on “Overlord

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    1. Instead of being demanding, be grateful he is willing to share these….or another option is you can buy and donate it to the site yourself.

      1. True man, some people are just like demanding and demanding whenever the releases are delayed. I mean sometimes they don’t realize that he’s actually buying the volumes and sharing here, they should be thanking him with all they’ve got

        1. Exactly – I donate to him when I can, and sometimes I just click some of the links to give him a few more cents when I can’t donate directly. It takes some serious scratch to buy all these volumes and I (and many others, I am sure) truly appreciate it.

    1. You really are the worst. Dissing others as demanding but here you are saying fan translation suck. They make the effort to translate although not perfect. This site buy and share the books but for fan translation they use their own time to translate. I respect both but you said translation suck piss me off.

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