Reincarnated Mage with Inferior Eyes: Breezing through the Future as an Oppressed Ex-Hero


Good grief. After spending years traveling across the world, saving towns, defeating demons, and then finally killing the demon king, my party—the people I considered comrades—decided to kick me out. I’d honestly thought that they’d be different. They wouldn’t be like the rest of the world, who irrationally hate people like me, with Amber Eyes. But…I was wrong. In the end, it’s not their fault, though. It’s just how the world was back then. I was sure that with more time and understanding, the world would shed their preconceived notions about those with Amber Eyes and treat us as they would anyone else. I held on to this hope as I used my unique magecraft to reincarnate myself two hundred years into the future. Now, it’s time to find out if my guess was right!

劣等眼の転生魔術師 ~虐げられた元勇者は未来の世界を余裕で生き抜く~Rettougan no Tensei Majutsushi ~Shiitagerareta Moto Yuusha wa Mirai no Sekai wo Yoyuu de Ikinuku~The Reincarnation Magician Of The Inferior Eyes ~The Persecuted Former Hero Lives Through The World Of The Future In Comfort~

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, School Life
Volume 01 or (Mirror)

Next volume est. June 12, 2023

Magical Explorer Vol. 4

マジカル★エクスプローラーMagical Explorer: Reborn as a Side Character in a Fantasy Dating SimMagical Explorer: Reincarnated as an Eroge Hero’s Friend, I’ll Live Freely With My Eroge Knowledge.Magical★Explorer: Eroge no Yuujin Kyara ni Tensei shita kedo, Game Chishiki Tsukatte Jiyuu ni Ikiru

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