Planet of the Orcs Vol. 2

白の魔王と黒の英雄Shiro no Maou to Kuro no Eiyuu

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    1. It’s good, I like it… buuuut, beware that this is actually an axed series with a total of 2 volumes released in japan, meaning if you do read it, be ready for an unsatisfying end that ends with this volume. (Or rather, it doesn’t end, so just be ready for a cliff that will NEVER be resolved)

      …Kinda like teogonia.

      1. Welp that really sucks …. Always sad to see something you like get the axe theres some authors that don’t give a fuck and just continue the series as a web novel but those madlads are rare, welp maybe i’ll still try it though ….

        Though i never read Teogonia for exactly that reason lol …. Thx bro.

      2. So, it was already axed?
        Well, the story started out pretty slow, a lot of information dump. But it does seem interesting to what direction will the story go though

        Too bad

        This reminds me of outer ragna that got axe on vol 2 too

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