Private Tutor to the Duke’s Daughter


After failing the final exam for his dream job at the royal court, promising young sorcerer Allen wants nothing more than to retreat to a simple life in the countryside. Unfortunately for him, he can’t even afford the train fare! His only solution is to get a job, but his one lead is anything but modest—Duke Howard, one of the kingdom’s most powerful nobles, needs a private tutor for his daughter Tina. Despite her academic brilliance, Tina is incapable of casting even a single spell. To make matters worse, entrance exams for the prestigious Royal Academy are fast approaching, and magical aptitude is mandatory! Can Allen use his unique brand of spellcasting to help Tina overcome her magical impairment, a mystery that not even the kingdom’s finest sorcerers have been able to solve? And does her father, the duke, even want him to?

公女殿下の家庭教師Koujo Denka no Kateikyoushi

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Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem
Volume 01 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 02 Premium or (Mirror) 14-Aug-2022 v1.0.1 Updated
Volume 03 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 04 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 05 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 06 Premium or (Mirror)

Updated April 7, 2023
Volume 07 or (Mirror)

Next volume est. June 22, 2023

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  1. Dont understand the romanticized pedophile comment, the main character is a 17yr boy his main love interests is also 17yrs and the girls he tutors range from 13yr and up they all have a crush on him because he”s a kind and humble young genius

    1. All depends on what you’re interested in and what you can tolerate. There were plenty of annoying elements, but I found it interesting.

  2. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for all the uploads. I was having errors trying to access the site earlier, hope everything’s fine

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