Rebuild World Vol. 1.2 Premium


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Volume 01.2 Premium or Mirror


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  1. Hello! Thank you for upkeeping these LNs, although I wanted to know any other users were having trouble downloading through Yandex, keep getting the exceeded and download to disk prompt, even while trying to switch regions/VPN, etc. Prior it never came up, and I wonder why given how small each LN is under the actual Yandex’s described data limitations.
    If it persists, I won’t mind switching over to the former new site, but felt like asking in case.

    1. I don’t think yandex limits are by IP. I think the limit is on total file downloads per day. So if a particular file is popular and has been downloaded X-times that day, it will be restricted until the next day. However as noted on the site, you can bypass yandex limits by adding the file to your yandisk drive (need to create a free account for this), then downloading from your yandisk. If you do not wish to wait or create a yandex account, your other solution is to download from the normal links (MEGA).

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