Rebuild World


The pinnacle of human civilization has come and gone, leaving only ruins in its wake. Society and science now struggle to rebuild, rediscovering scraps of knowledge from powerful ancient artifacts that defy comprehension. These relics of the “Old World” can make the fortunes of those who find them—if ancient security systems and rogue bioweapons don’t kill the relic hunters first. Akira, a young street orphan, sets out to become one such hunter to escape his brutal life in the slums. Untrained, malnourished, and poorly armed, Akira would be lucky to make it back from the ruins alive—until an encounter with Alpha, a mysterious, ghostly woman, changes his fate forever. Alpha needs a hunter, and she’s willing to train Akira to get one. Will her support be enough to help a penniless kid from the slums climb to the top of a crushing and merciless world?


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Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Mecha, Mystery, Science Fiction, Seinen, Supernatural
Volume 01.1 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 01.2 Premium or (Mirror)

Updated March 17, 2023
Volume 02.1 Premium or (Mirror)

Next volume est. June 16, 2023

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  1. the new volume (volume 2 part 1) has been released a few days ago. Hopefully it will be uploaded here soon!

  2. That pose is physically impossible.

    It’s already hard enough to do that whole “twist my torso to point both my ass and boobs at the viewer” thing. Add in that neck on top of it, and I’m pretty sure that woman’s dead.

      1. Defender has no issues with it today, and Virustotal shows clear. Trojan:Win32/Spursint.F!cl is what Defender thought it was yesterday.

  3. Sasaki & Peeps and now Rebuild World, hmm life is good.
    Hope next month we’ll get Ihoujin and Maou-sama Retry.

    1. Sasaki and peeps had some very dark undertones and well I actually kind of liked the mc as a character since he was an actual character instead of the usual bland self insert but he was a shit person, fun read though.

      Ihoujin is all right but a little more trash and laid back, better then most isekais but it’s still pretty trashy wish fulfilment lol.

      Maou-sama retry I just didn’t like though, way too goofy.

      So this is good though? How is the mc ?

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