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Since moving from Ko-fi to PayPal.Me, I haven’t been able to post a thank-you message in response to the donations. So, thank you all so much, always. Whether you’re donating or just someone who visits this site, thank you. Hopefully this donation platform doesn’t get banned, otherwise I’d have to search for another one. I try to avoid Patreon for now since I don’t want people to subscribe to a monthly donation. Because, if you have money to give monthly, I would rather you use it to pay the publishers/buy the books of the series you enjoy. Well, we’ll see how things go, yea?

Also, for those of you who have been donating $0.01 to $0.05, thank you for your support but I would like you to know that PayPal fees are $0.30 + 4.4%. Which means, if you give $0.50, I receive $0.18. That is why your donation of $0.05 always ends up with a balance of $0.00 on the receipt page. I just want to clear up the confusion in case you thought that there’s something wrong with your donation.

One last thing. The late list has consistently been cleared for a while now, we’ve come a long way haven’t we? If you find a digital light novel (official English only please) that is not on this site, let me know using the contact form, and include the link to purchase it. I’ll see what I can do. Cheers everyone!

Edit: For now i have switched to BTC donations, let’s hope it works fine.

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  1. What interest me highly is what happened to your previous donation ways? Were you banned? Is all the donation you got confiscated? Is the money lost? Were your private accounts affected?

    I keep thinking, you could protect yourself by not putting the donation method aka kofi and not in public. Same for your new BTC. All you need is to set up a a link to a file on MEGA. Zipped and password protected with the note on your homepage something like “if you like to donate use this – for private use only. If you are a lawyer or any kind of advocate of a company you are not allowed to use this link. By using it you give a declaration of oath that you are going to use the information provided only for private matters and it cannot be used for legal…” etc. etc. you get the idea.

    I would not think so much about it if I were not grateful for this page. If you want to increase your traffic and ads income, my suggestion: how about some manga epub/mobi of manga based on light novels? I wonder if your audience is interested. Does not to have the complete collection of ALL the stuff. Just a few highlights.

    1. yea the pp account got locked. The donations didn’t get confiscated, we pulled out the funds right before that (we received an email to takedown stuff, who then proceeded to email/lodge complaints to all our related providers). PP is in restricted access currently. The idea you proposed will not help I think, since the law does not side with people like us. In the face of the law, those words mean nothing. For now we’re trying this bitcoin thingy since nobody can lock/restrict the account? Hopefully?

      As always, donations are entirely voluntary and optional, the website can sustain itself, so even if all donation platforms got locked, it’ll still be alright. I do not think we will venture into manga territory since there’s a lot of similar websites out there that are doing it already, so us doing the same thing won’t be necessary/useful at all.

    1. You might want to read this

      That page has a pretty good writeup of what bitcoin is, how to purchase, etc. Honestly i’m new to this too so i can’t give you more specific advice/guide other than that link i have there.

  2. hey man, loving the work you been doing…great job and thank you.
    and please find this LN, Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~
    maybe its not popular enough for me to request it, but can you do something?

    1. That’s a fan translation by rpgnovels, not an official one. If you want epub/pdf downloads for it vn-meido has them I think

  3. Have you looked into Brave Rewards? It’s another type of crypto people earn with ads in the Brave web browser that they can manually or automatically use to tip websites.

    1. Not currently, as my paypal is still locked. The next best option would be to purchase the ebooks from Kobo yourself, and DeDRM them to share. Sorry about that, i’m not too sure of what other options i have at the moment.

  4. Love the work you do man!! Will be trying to send some donations when some more money comes my way 🙂 In the mean time is there a way to send you some epubs of official english light novels not on your list (purchased through google playbooks)?

    1. Donations don’t work now since my account got taken down. You can always use the contact form to share the books though 🙂

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