Re:RE – Reincarnator Executioner

Re:RE-リ:アールイーRe:RE – Tenseisha wo Korosu Mono

Dill Steel-Link has always played heroes on stage, but he never wanted to be one. A veteran of the Holy Wars waged between the Terean Empire and the Titans, he finds himself flung into an even fiercer conflict. The otherworldly Reincarnators, wielding supernatural Skills, possessed the bodies of the dead and brought carnage to the land of Redguard. Five years later, Dill still seeks the body of his daughter, Iris, a victim of the Reincarnators. Accompanying him are Nue Kirisaki, an orphan girl with much more to her than meets the eye, and Sid Faron, the lone survivor of a Reincarnator massacre whose own father became one of the enemy. As Dill and the children make their way back to the great city of Vulcan, they must fight through waves of immortal Reincarnators and the mysterious conspiracy that surrounds them. Dill’s objectives, however, will not change. He has only two goals—to get back his daughter’s body, and execute any Reincarnator who stands in his way.

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
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Updated December 12, 2022
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      1. I’m not talking about the LN file itself. There’s nothing that says Official in the links to the files. LN information (.epub)(official), check that link, the one that says “” and nothing else.

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