Re:Zero Ex Vol. 01 Updated

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  1. I really appreciate your efforts in posting the light novels, Jowy. Thanks.

    I’ve encountered a problem with several of the LNs after downloading. I d/l the files to my computer, then use Calibre to read the files. This has worked quite well for most LNs, but when I tried with Re: Zero, and opened the book to read, I got an unreadable mess, showing command lines between lines of text. If possible, can you direct me to a site to convert to readable pages?

    I have a screen-shot of the page as displayed, along with some error codes. If you respond via email, I can send you that page. I have it saved in draft form — just need an email address.


    1. You can contact me using the contact page from the menu. Also, if you can tell me which are the volumes with the issue, i can look into it?

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