Seirei Gensouki Vol. 16

精霊幻想記Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

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  1. Harem genre but I found myself liking it. Good mix of characters, and many conflicts/teases (except the main “who he’ll choose”) do get resolved before moving onto others, instead of just being left hanging as some authors do. LNs much better than TV anime (anime was paced way too fast). Also, Vol 16 (most recent release) is kind of the end of one big section, so if you don’t want to commit to stories that go on forever you can read 1-16 and stop and be okay (or keep going if you want)..

    1. The situation is indeed harem, but MC stated he doesn’t approve polygamy so dunno what’s gonna happen. Regarding the cover, it just generally shows which heroine(s) will be the focus of said volume IMO.

    1. 100%? dunno
      it largely is tho, maybe 80-90%

      it’s the usual girls crowded around mc and even lives in the same house, but still unknown who’s going to win the MC bowl

      how the story so far goes, anything can happen, be it harem ending or MC chooses only one heroine

        1. There’s no “main girl”. There is, however, a certain girl which he loved when he’s in Japan. But thanks to his wishy washy attitude due to his inferiority complex (“I’ve killed people. People would kill me. I’m not deserved to be loved. It’s dangerous to be around me.”), he might choose:
          a. that certain girl
          b. another girl
          c. some of the girls
          d. all of the girls
          e. no one

          As simplethrone said, “anything can happen.”

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