Seirei Gensouki Vol. 5 Premium Updated

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  1. While reading the book I noticed a mistake. The title of chapter 3 and a part of this chapter are written twice.
    There will surely be an update.

      1. From:
        Chapter 3: To Strahl Again
        Two weeks had passed since Rio and Aishia left the spirit folk village.

        “Thank you. Let’s head to the castle right away, then.”
        The two of them set off toward the castle.

        In fact, it’s the totality of chapter 3 that written twice. One is in his normal place, and the second into the chapter 2.

        1. Okay, the thing is, the original epub i have, there is a small error in it. The chapter order and table of contents don’t match, so i tried to fix it, maybe i made a mistake fixing? Try this original one first, and see if there is the same issue? Vol. 5 Premium (original)

              1. Thank for your efforts.
                There’s good and bad in your correction. You succeed to remove the bad part in the end of chapter 2 ?, but the problem is that you also removed a whole necessary chapter, the one between chapter 2 and 3 (= Interlude: Celia’s Woes).

                1. That is actually the problem. It has been moved to between chapter 3 and 4 now, can you check if it is there?. It should say on the table of contents that it is after chapter 3 also. The actual location for that interlude should be after chapter 3 also, not between 2 and 3. This is according to the original japanese lightnovel release. Screenshot of TOC

                  1. You are right. And after reading this, yes, the interlude is logically more fitting after chapter 3.
                    So bravo, good work!

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