Seirei Gensouki Vol. 9 Premium Updated

精霊幻想記Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

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  1. I wanna read the Volume 10 now, I remember back then how I raged on WN because of that f***king scene.

    That’s why Latifa best imouto in LN. In WN… Well…

    1. Well, be prepare for more drama, jealousy and punisment… as for me vol 12 is the best since you’ll see rio overwhelming stength in his fight with sword’s king and hero Rui Shigekura to the point 5000 army couldnt do anything except tremble in fear of death

  2. I can’t download from mega, it keeps linking me to the main site
    while the usercloud showers me with ads to the point where everytime I click it’s always ads

  3. Could someone tell me if this is worthwhile or any good? I read most of the manga, and it was okay, if a little dark. And then I heard it gets really lame and NTR heavy. Your thoughts?

    1. I have read it for awhile now , and i think there’s no NTR inside, but if you didn’t like a dense protagonist and harem there’s possibility you will not like it, but even with that i still recommend this series cause is worthwhile and very good

      1. Thanks for the response! I’ll check out the story sometime, I don’t mind a dense MC.
        My only other concern is r-a-p-e. Doesn’t that happen to his mother in front of him? How much of that is in the series?

        1. The rape thingy didn’t mention that often, and if you read it a few times it does not explicitly said his mom were raped, maybe tortured to death, but to your own imagination, that’s what I understood (I might be wrong). But nevertheless, it’s just a one-case scenario and it shouldn’t happen anymore unless the author had some cancer in his brain. Still I don’t think there’s really any more dark element since that one case is just to justify his hate for his enemy, and it’s kinda a way to make MC to have some sort of goals during his teen years (development/hopes/goals etc). I’d say you’d just ignore this subtle information as it’s not fucking relevant at all in the bigger picture. So just forget about his mom or whatever in front of him during that time since it’s not gonna affect your reading experience in the later volumes.

    2. There’s no NTR, and I’m sure there’ll never be.
      The protagonoist is indeed dense, but not an idiot. He thinks he doesn’t deserve happiness, and that’s why he prefers to keep his distance.

      1. Thanks Mark. Interesting that he feels that he doesn’t deserve happiness.
        Could you tell me how much r-a-p-e is in the series? I heard it happened to his mother and was graphic and happened right in front of him. How much more of that happens?

        1. Well, he thinks that his revenge will put the girls in danger and they shouldn’t be with someone who’s already killed people (1 mercenary).
          But he does learn to forgive himself. That’s good.
          Regarding the death of her mother… Well, I don’t remember that much, but I believe it’s not mentioned nor clearly stated that she was raped.
          It may simply be implied or just a guess, considering the environment in which the novel takes place.
          That’s why I’m absolutely sure it’s not explicit nor graphic.
          There are also two more situations where there was the risk of rape. One with his cousin, whom he immediately saved, almost beating the assailant to death; and the second one where one of the heroines and two children where captured to be sold as slaves, but he immediately saved them, too.

    3. The Rape themes is heavy on WN, oh and the NTR chapter, which made the fans so mad that the translator put a trigger warning on it.

      If you are kind of hating Takahisa and Aki here, read the WN, you will want to smack the shit of of them both.

        1. Zeronos is talking about the WN. This one is LN. Don’t worry about it. I also don’t like rape and NTR and this LN is clear of those. Yes, the mother is implied to be raped, but it’s just a storytelling. Not graphic or anything that you feared. We don’t even have his mother’s illustration.

        2. You should know that the series has two version.. the web novel version and official light novel version. Both has already follow different storyline starting from vol 4.

          In WN it has rape theme since his mother was rape and kill by MC target of revenge (No graphic scene only description). There no NTR (too many people abuse NTR mean), in actuality, MC childhood friend from his previous life was kidnapped by one of hero out of jealousy with the help of MC previous life half sister.

          But in LN there no depiction of rape at all, even if its was there probably too subtle from reader notice unless the reader already used to any series with dark theme (hell, what ruffian will do when their prey is beautiful women, of course those think bound to happen, that’s reality so no pretty word could erase it like today generation try to do)

          In LN, those kidnapping only fall into as attempted as the MC able to save the girl from the jealous hero.

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