Sigh, here we go again…

Thanks everybody, the warning seems to have been lifted now. ^^


The site has been flagged by safe browsing again. Perhaps you can send a report? It might help.

There is no ETA but the last time this happened, it took around 2 days to fix, so please bear with us for now.

31 thoughts on “Sigh, here we go again…

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  1. i got message on chrome now that saying there is pointers going from the hyperlinks to aditional advertising and opening new adverts with tracing cookies thats why this page is blocked.

  2. even firefox is reporting this site now. is there any advertising that you use that get reported? as this site got a few iffy advertising adds i seen but not that i know that should hit this hard.

  3. Looking at the other comments, I tried using another browser (Edge chromium) and it worked fine. Chrome however still shows me the red screen every time I open a new tab from this site.

      1. not really, we have nothing at the moment. It’s been taken down / banned for “spam/inappropriate content” even though I barely post there. Nothing we can do really, unfortunately.

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