Sword Art Online Vol. 18 Updated


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  1. Want to say this volume was really cool, I enjoyed it. Usually in Sao novels, I find there’s really too much (useless) text for thought and introspection… but not in this one!

  2. Hey Jowy, a question. It seems that instead of releasing a few novel everyday, you release them in bursts, a few days apart. Like how you posted two on 1/6, then none on 1/7, then seven on 1/8. Is there any reason behind that?

    1. It depends. When I purchase it or when someone shares their novels with me, i will usually share it on here immediately if possible. Otherwise if i find the novels elsewhere, i’ll just grab it and share it here. There’s no particular schedule so it just really depends on when people feel like buying the novels, i think?

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