Tatakau Panya to Automaton Waitress

戦うパン屋と機械じかけの看板娘〈オートマタンウェイトレス〉The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress

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Genre: Action, Comedy, Harem, Romance, Science Fiction
Volume 01 Premium or (M)

Updated December 30, 2019
Volume 02 Premium or (M)
Volume 03 Premium or (M)

Next volume est. TBD
Password: thatnovelcorner.com

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  1. I feel like I saw this already before until Volume 9 at Bookwalker, but with the premium there, now I’m wondering how come it got the J-Novel Club stamp now?

    1. It’s not longer exclusive to bookwalker. JNC is re-releasing it and it is available in many stores now, Amazon, Kobo, etc. I’m not sure of the details as to why, but I think maybe google can help answer your questions, possibly.

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