The Eminence in Shadow

陰の実力者になりたくて!Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!


Even in his past life, Cid’s dream wasn’t to become a protagonist or a final boss. He’d rather lie low as a minor character until it’s prime time to reveal he’s a mastermind…or at least, do the next best thing-pretend to be one! And now that he’s been reborn into another world, he’s ready to set the perfect conditions to live out his dreams to the fullest. Armed with his overactive imagination, Cid jokingly recruits members to his organization and makes up a whole backstory about an evil cult that they need to take down. Well, as luck would have it, these imaginary adversaries turn out to be the real deal-and everyone knows the truth but him!

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Genre: Isekai, Comedy, Action
Volume 01 or (Mirror)
Volume 02 or (Mirror)

Updated April 26, 2021
Volume 03 or (Mirror)

Next volume est. TBD

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  1. Can’t wait for volume 3. The light novel is the only way to continue now that the web version seems to be dead. Looking at the art for the next volume… volume 3 should more or less catch up with the web version it seems.

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