The Fruit of Evolution


One day, Hiragi Seiichi’s entire school is transported to another world. As he wanders through a mysterious forest alone, however, he is ‘attacked’ by a gorilla.

“Me, never sleep with man before. Be gentle.”

All Saria wants is to be close to him. Just when he begins opening his heart to the feminine simian, however, tragedy strikes.

Can the strength of their bond—and the mysterious Fruits of Evolution they’ve both consumed—bring about a miracle?
A lighthearted fantasy-comedy romp through a fantasy world!

進化の実 ~知らないうちに勝ち組人生~Shinka no Mi ~Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei~The Evolution Fruit: Before I Knew it, My Life Had It Made

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural

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  1. At the post for the vol 2 there are links to download, but in the series post there is none, not for the vol1 neither for vol2

      1. With volume 3 being out right now, I remember, vol 1 being missing.

        So thought I’d check.

        There are currently no links (be it the main or mirror ones) seen on this page.

        This includes with no adblocker being used and checking it out on 3 different web browsers just in case as well.

        Vol 2 and Vol 3 do have individual links on their release pages at least, but there is no current way (that I can find at least) to get volume 1 (I did get it from another site, so not hurting myself, just pointing it out to you so it can be fixed for others). Most likely because the release page for volume 1 of any series IS the “series page” for the series and again, this page has no links for any volumes on it.

  2. Mega link broken or down still. The mirror did download, but it would not extract. So at least for me, not possible to get from here at the moment….

    1. We’re being targeted so you may want to use the contact form or refer to the FAQs. As for the mirror, it actually works but has been falsely flagged as virus so your antivirus will auto-quarantine it. I’ve removed the file from quarantine and scanned it using Virustotal and it was clean. You may want to do the same too, and scan before opening, or use the contact form/ FAQs.

  3. The Mega link is either broken or been taken down. Loved the WN, although not read it for a while, so would be interested to see if the translations are better or worse than the fan translations and then how much has been stripped out (or even added sometimes) between the 2.

  4. Please, consider buying a copy of this novel. We are a small publisher and this is our first title, so everything we have is risked here. We would like to continue and bring more novels, but we are totally dependent on recouping our investment this time.

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