The Hero Laughs While Walking the Path of Vengeance a Second Time



​Kaito Ukei was destined for greatness in his new world, landing himself the role of a hero and defeating the evil sorceress alongside a band of noble adventurers. When he’s double crossed, though, and brutally murdered by his former allies, something inside him snaps. Death brings Kaito neither peace nor salvation. Rather, it instills in him a singular desire—to squeeze the life out of his blasted betrayers in the cruellest manner possible…! The strange twist of fate that gives him a second chance in the world with all his memories intact provides opportunity to do just that, and so begins his quest to stalk and torture the members of his former party in the bloodiest, unholiest, most sadistic ways imaginable!

二度目の勇者は復讐の道を嗤い歩む。 ~魔王よ、世界の半分をやるから俺と復讐をしよう~Nidome no Yuusha wa Fukushuu no Michi wo Warai Ayumu. ~Maou yo, Sekai no Hanbun wo Yaru Kara Ore to Fukushuu wo Shiyou~The Hero is Walking the Second Time on the Path of Vengeance While Laughing ~ Maou, I’m Going to Give You Half of the World so Take Vengeance with Me~

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Horror, Mystery, Suspense
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Updated April 24, 2023
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  1. As someone who has read the entire WN up to the point where the translators stopped due to the series being serialised, yes, it is edgy. However, when compared to the newer revenge shit coming out, it’s far better. Then again, if you don’t like revenge isekais, you shouldn’t be reading this. But for people who are okay with a bit of edge and torture, it’s one of the best revenge isekai I have ever read, period.

    (Still, damn it the translators stopped at the good parttttt

  2. This series starts out pretty good but then it kinda fizzles out a bit cuz author didn’t have the balls to actually make a true villain mc, he’s pretty annoying and contradictory the worst type of edgelord really one that wants to keep his morals while thinking himself an evil mastermind out for revenge, still pretty fun in a trashy way though just don’t expect things to make sense.

      1. My favorites Hu? Welp i read a lot but have some real trash taste though lol.

        Long text

        Welp Overlord is a favorite of mine, the misundertanding meta is top tier and ubeaten till now really, some of the best worldbuilding and characters out there too.

        Arifureta ….. Yeah i know edgy as fuck but theres something extremely fun about it and i feel all the characters get Nice development lol, i love the after stories too, and i feel most of the harem is well developed and i like the mc lol.

        Adachi to Shimamura, a Yuri romance and well My favorite romance series ever, slow start but god damn does it have the Best character development ive seen the 2 leads are so fucking well explored and developed it’s just a joy reading it, both are extremely weird girls lol i really recommend it of You like romance, it has some weird elements cuz author likes aliens though but don’t let that and the slow First volumes stop You this is really a top tier romance.

        Classroom of the Elite, every volume this series gets more interesting, bit of a weird slow start but seeing the mc grow into a person is real Nice the side characters also develop a Lot and especially mcs Girlfriend but this series is about the mc growing as a human, growing heart really.

        Otherside Picnic, a very strange lovecraftian horror series, like really theres nothing quite like it, it’s got this deep mystery to it with great characters to push it along, very good series, also a Yuri lol though it’s not really the Focus.

        Reign of the Seven Spellblades, the story is real damn intriguing and all the characters are also very well developed, the First volume hooks You in instantly it’s one surprised after another, nonsensical but cool Magic, though this authors last work had a pretty shit ending so i’m worried bout that, he seems to love tragedies.

        Lazy Dungeon Master, another guilty pleasure of mine this series has a Lot of weird elements to it but it’s just plain fun and i really like the characters, sadly the author got a deadline of 3 more volumes to end the series so You can really feel he sped things along.

        Mushoku Tensei, welp Id assume everyone knows this one now but yeah ive been a fan for years and love the characters and their development, very cool world and magic system.

        Orc Eroica, speaking of this is done by the same author as mushoku Tensei, its still real early and the author really likes to take things slow but i feel real potential here i already love the mc he’s a dumbass but very lovable and You can see he’s doing the same as mushoku Tensei slowly introducing characters that Will play a bigger role later, but of a misundertanding novel too and while a bit forced at times it’s mostly all well done.

        The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten, i hate loser loner cuck protagonists that don’t do anything the whole series and 90% of romances are like that, welp the mc from here is half like that but he at least grows some balls early on, an actual romance story where it doesnt end when they start going out, it’s a little too heavy on drama but still much better then most romance series out there the female lead is the Star though She’s extremely lovable with a real interesting character, ML is decent enough but he’s the type thats always doubting himself so it gets tiring fast.

        Monster Tamer, another trashy isekai but god dammit i also really enjoy this one lol, the characters are all getting good development and while the pacing is slow and it’s very edgy it’s done pretty well lol, also a harem but well the girls are all getting good development.

        Isekai Tensei Soudoki, another trashy isekai with a harem … Yeahhh as i said i have some real trashy taste lol welp i like the mc and the direction the series takes into a political type of novel, it’s very fun.

        The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria, a mystery time travel series with crazy reveals, crazy story, crazy characters but the author just really has an amazing grip on the story he wants to tell, You won’t be bored from start to end.

        A sister’s all You need, don’t let title scare you it’s not incest or anything lol, quite good romance/drama series, quite a Lot of fun characters and good development on the relationships, i’m just scared where things Will go since the authors last series was also quite fun at the start but it had a complete shit ending, one of the worst endings ive seen really but we’ll see i Guess.

        The Ryou’s work is never done, ehhh it has this weird Loli undertone in the beginning but i swear the story is really good and all the characters are very fun and well developed, Big Focus on shogi but welp it’s fun lol don’t be scared if You don’t know the Game the author makes it interesting, it’s half a sports series really.

        5 most recent series ive read ? Lol sure i guess.

        Tearmoon Empire, real banger though volume 1 is definetily the Best, a misundertanding type novel where it’s clear author had volume 1 planned out but then things start getting a little more convenient later, misundertanding novels are really hard to pull off well, volume 2 is kinda trash but the Rest have been pretty decent, mc is kind of a dumbass but pretty lovable at times.

        Cooking with Wild Game, pretty good isekai though the mc is extremely obnoxious he’s just so fucking stupid at times it’s infuriating lol, still it’s Focus on cooking and developing relationships is very interesting and it has a Nice political Focus and Nice characters, but the mc dude … Author also is very verbose and he explains the same shit over and over and conversations can take like 30 pages sometimes, still quite fun.

        Apocalypse Bringer Mynograh, another isekai lol, it’s kind of a watered down overlord really, author trying his Best to make an Evil type character and kingdom but the characters feel a little empty, worldbuilding too, still quite fun and has potential.

        From Toxic Classmates To Girlfriend Goals, romance with a pair of interesting characters i Guess, the ML is just … He’s annoying but not in the typical cuck beta way, idk bro it’s just weird, the FL makes no sense at times and the author just went through extra steps where they clearly like each other but don’t get together for no reason, like 6/10 romance atm future volumes could make it better or worse really.

        Magika No Kenshi, kinda old series, a Magic battle action series with a Big emphasis on romance, it started out pretty good but author built too Big a harem and he kinda Lost himself with too many characters at te beginning he develops each girl very well but he added too many girls and sadly the later ones don’t really get any good development and end up as walking pairs of tits with 1 trait, still a series where the mc actually gets the girls from the start and it’s an actual harem and they actually talk about it and a Lot of characters have actual depth to them, quite interesting tbh i quite enjoyed it.

        Currently reading Der Werewolf, it’s quite good but it just feel very slow paced for some reason i’d still recommend it though it’s an isekai but not a power fantasy, it’s a kingdom builder too and theres lots of interesting and important characters, the different povs are the Best part though lol, mc is actually quite likable but he’s too humble and it’s Nice seeing him from other povs.

        The next series i want to read are Torture Princess, My Stepsister is My Ex girlfriend, The Girl I Saved On the Train Turned Out to be my Childhood Friend and Gimai Seikatsu.

        Mhmhmh i feel like i went quite ham with explanations and such but i had a bit of Time and i got excited i Guess lol, welp those are most of My favorite LNs i could think of the top of My head though i didnt include web novels, or any chinese/korean stuff which i also read a lot of but welp there it is hope You find something good.

        What about You My man?

        1. Do i reply here? Im using the wordpress app, and oh my god. I am so sorry, i didnt know u replied until i use the app.

        2. Me? Ohoho
          My top 5 are
          Goblin Slayer, Honzuki no Gekokujou, Tanya The Evil, Hell Mode, MinMax TRPG, and, obv, Faraway Paladin. Those are my top 5, its 5.

          Yeah Hell Mode and MinMax TRPG have this ‘trashy’ vibes, but the overall structure is great. I can even say those two are much better than Overlord, Grimgar, and (most) LN series thatve been animated.

          I like fantasy novels (bcuz i will mostly read fantasy,) that stays with its objectives so we can get a clear image on how will the novel progressing uk. Cooking with wild game is one of the cringest novel ive read, but its has a clear objective on introducing junk food to the medieval age lmao.

          But, it all comes down to how the story progressing. A lot of novels took a u turn to be “hype”, but mostly it didnt worked out. Well, Kumo Desu Ga is a good example. It was backed with a planning, so the post effects on power scaling and stuff is still on the “normal” side.

          Ooooohhh neat i can reply through the wordpress app

          1. Ohhh those are some good top 5 bro, well I do love goblin slayer a lot though tbh I’m like 4 volumes behind I gotta go catch up lol, though I really hope the relationships and character development go somewhere in that series I feel like ever volume the characters get kinda reset.

            The book fetish girl novel I’ve started but I’ve only read the first part, so like the first 3 volumes, I like it but the mc can be kinda obnoxious so I’ve just not wanted to caught up, I’ve heard it gets pretty good though.

            I love Tanya the evils anime but I tried the novels and it just wasn’t the same lol I do wanna read more of it though.

            I really like min-max trpg too and yeah like you said it’s kinda trashy but it’s just really fun and the author seems to know where he’s going with it so it’s very enjoyable, the henderson extra what if stories at the end are also fun.

            Haven’t read hell mode or faraway paladin though, hell mode cuz I’d heard it was bad and faraway paladin cuz the novels just stopped updating and i didn’t want to start a story that may never end, welp I’ll try them both though.

            But like c’mon better then overlord? Lol never!!!! I love overlord too much the writing is just too good bro I doubt anything can beat overlord in writing, planning and character development, author is an actual good mature writer and every scene is fun, doesnt have to resort to bullshit.

            I haven’t read grimgar either, I watchrd the anime and it was okay but the characters pissed me off and I heard it’s full of even more drama later on so yeah I didnt want to go through that.

            Yep a lot of authors get a good idea but they aren’t able to go through with it, after 1-2 volumes they just don’t know how to continue and the novels lose focus and turn into garbage, but welp I really like fantasy novels that can keep their focus too.

            Hey of you haven’t I do recommend you read monster Tamer I think you’ll really like it.

            1. ooooooooo you read goblin slayer? that’s neat. did you know, there would be no Faraway Paladin without Goblin Slayer. It’s sad it has lots of hates, Goblin Slayer is the only series that stays with it’s adventurer theme. No politics, just adventure. *Real* adventure. check goblin slayer vol 11 page. a hater commented on Goblin Slayer’s ‘Most progressive volume’, my fav volume so far, and noone can trashtalk it.

              the fetish girl novel? idk lol.

              It is good, it’s more towards politics (an actual good politics in a Light Novel) and administration with a little bit of philosophy. really helped me in my EU4 campaign haha.

              yep, Hell Mode and Min-Maxing TRPG are better than Overlord. My consensus? Overlord is a consistent novel, but there’s nothing special to it. it feels bland. Min-Maxing has unique characters, a worldbuulding that has full of potential, and, well, Margit.
              Hell Mode tho, goddamn, I guess don’t judge a book by it’s covers. I remember reading ¼ of it and say the game mechanics is detailed and *gamelike*. It’s also fun to read. The Author’s writing style really suits the characters’ age (theyre children). ooooohhh and the MC is a true GIGACHAD. there are lots of isekai series where the MC uses their knowledge to be OP. but this guy Allen, he isn’t a narcissist and an example of sigma male. just try reading half of the first volume.

              grimgar tho, i reviewed it on its main page. 2/3 of the first novel is drama. I was surprised seeing a video on youtube abiut grimgar with the title “Realistic Fantasy” or something like it. dud, if it’s realistic that slt will be hung publicly. don’t know if it’s gotten better throughout the volumes, but i don’t care. ⅔ of a 400 pages is too much for a drama.

              that Reincarnated Assassin man, really got me hyped, until it reaches the third volume. istg i’ll never read it again. I knew the power scaling is a crap since he uses WMD (weapons of mass desteuction) and it didnt even kill that guy who’s not a hero. The Fantasy genre is like that ‘easy to play, hard to master’ types of games. it’s hard to find the middle ground between ‘creative’ and consistent.
              get too ‘creative’ and you get Reincarnated Assassin, Her Majesty’s Swarm, Great Cleric. and get too consistent and you get The Alchemist Who Survived, Kamitachi ni Hirowareta, Campfire Cooking.

              sure, i’ll read monster tamer.

              ok, i feel tired.
              and sorry for replying after 3-4 months. my storage was full and had to make some spaces lol

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