The Hero Laughs While Walking the Path of Vengeance a Second Time

二度目の勇者は復讐の道を嗤い歩む。 ~魔王よ、世界の半分をやるから俺と復讐をしよう~Nidome no Yuusha wa Fukushuu no Michi wo Warai Ayumu. ~Maou yo, Sekai no Hanbun wo Yaru Kara Ore to Fukushuu wo Shiyou~The Hero is Walking the Second Time on the Path of Vengeance While Laughing ~ Maou, I’m Going to Give You Half of the World so Take Vengeance with Me~


​Kaito Ukei was destined for greatness in his new world, landing himself the role of a hero and defeating the evil sorceress alongside a band of noble adventurers. When he’s double crossed, though, and brutally murdered by his former allies, something inside him snaps. Death brings Kaito neither peace nor salvation. Rather, it instills in him a singular desire—to squeeze the life out of his blasted betrayers in the cruellest manner possible…! The strange twist of fate that gives him a second chance in the world with all his memories intact provides opportunity to do just that, and so begins his quest to stalk and torture the members of his former party in the bloodiest, unholiest, most sadistic ways imaginable!

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Horror, Mystery, Suspense
Volume 01 or (Mirror)

Next volume est. April 19, 2022

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  1. As someone who has read the entire WN up to the point where the translators stopped due to the series being serialised, yes, it is edgy. However, when compared to the newer revenge shit coming out, it’s far better. Then again, if you don’t like revenge isekais, you shouldn’t be reading this. But for people who are okay with a bit of edge and torture, it’s one of the best revenge isekai I have ever read, period.

    (Still, damn it the translators stopped at the good parttttt

  2. This series starts out pretty good but then it kinda fizzles out a bit cuz author didn’t have the balls to actually make a true villain mc, he’s pretty annoying and contradictory the worst type of edgelord really one that wants to keep his morals while thinking himself an evil mastermind out for revenge, still pretty fun in a trashy way though just don’t expect things to make sense.

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