The Ideal Sponger Life Vol. 2 Premium

理想のヒモ生活Risou no Himo Seikatsu

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Download here or try the mirror links:
Volume 02 Premium or Mirror


4 thoughts on “The Ideal Sponger Life Vol. 2 Premium

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  1. Thanks for the release.
    Now, if you could just upload the Premium version of “The Ideal Sponger Life LN v01”, it would be really Great.

    1. Sure, if somebody buys and shares it, then we can upload it. Otherwise, we don’t re-purchase the volumes already released, because our money is limited and better used to buy other light novels instead.

        1. Epubs only, mostly.

          PDF is outdated and shouldn’t be used for books because of how we all have different device and screen sizes.
          You can also download the epubs then convert it to PDFs using calibre or some other program to suit your needs.

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