The Otherworlder, Exploring the Dungeon

異邦人、ダンジョンに潜るIhoujin, Dungeon ni Moguru

Ready for Anything—Except This

​Strapped for cash, Souya signs up for a shady gig straight out of a video game: warp to a fantasy world with a team of experts and ascend a dungeon tower to make off with its spoils. However, an accident in the transfer process leaves him stranded there alone. Desperate for support, he recruits a host of adventurers—from elven sisters banished from their forest, to a Goddess of Deception and Secrecy partial to lazing about as a cat—to form a party that can brave the tower’s perils. Caught between corrupt nobles and merchants outside the dungeon and deadly monsters within, can this motley band rise to the challenge? Or will Souya’s adventure end before it even begins?

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Genre: Fantasy
Volume 01 or (Mirror)

Next volume est. March 22, 2022

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  1. Just to add for potential readers: there is hardly any adventuring except for boss battles. The rest is literally glossed over with a “their goal for today was the Xth floor and until half way through everything went fine.” It’s mostly just random shenanigans and cooking, lots of cooking. And a growing harem without any interest from Souya. And cooking. Not saying there’s no tension, but MC doesn’t appear to be interested in anything but Japanese food.

    On the plus side, the MC himself already made the joke it should be named “The Otherworlder, Becomes A Chef”.

    I had hoped for more adventure, so not for me alas.

  2. The description sounds nice and all but the novel itself has a crap ton of plot holes. It’s as if the author just rush through everything at the beginning to begin his story in the other world. I gave up on the 1st few pages before the adventure even begins simply because I can’t stomach the whole weirdly convenient story of inviting a gamer with zero practical training to join an uber expensive mission, give him weapons and brief him about a whole other world in couple of lines and he was ok with all of that and jumped through the portal…

  3. Wow! First LN I’ve been excited to read in a good while! I hope the story lives up to the descrpiton, this looks very good! Thanks!

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