Three Days of Happiness

三日間の幸福Mikkakan no kōfuku寿命を買い取ってもらった。一年につき、一万円で。Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de. I sold my life for ten thousand yen per year.I Sold Off My Lifespan, For 10,000 Yen A Year.

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Genre: Drama, Romance, Urban Fantasy
Volume 01 or (Mirror)


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  1. Oh wow, didnt think this’ll be here. browsing
    some old novels (15/02/22 page 66)

    I got the physical book around 2 years ago
    since a friend of mine told me to check it,
    that time i finished with my domexkano
    marathon and crave more.

    Ever since I finished it, I can’t find myself
    reading romance stuff anymore, feels like
    regretting it, at times like this having an
    amnesia would do very well for me.
    I’d sell my life to read this ‘for the first time’, again.

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