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Genre: Comedy, Romance
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Updated July 6, 2020
Volume 10 or (Mirror)


16 thoughts on “Toradora!

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  1. Excuse me, but when will volume 10 get uploaded? It’s been long since the digital release date and I’ve been checking all the time. Thanks for all the other volumes though. Appreciate it.

    1. Depends on when people buy and share it, or when I buy it. For now it’s not on my priority list though.

  2. Jowy, you still planning to upload vol. 9? Would be greatly appreciated. And much gratitude for making so much content available on your site.

    1. I do intend to do that but as of now my paypal is locked. They don’t seem to be remove the lock on my account anytime soon..

    1. this is the digital release. If you have older ones you got from years back, those are physical copies that have been scanned and OCR’ed.

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