Villainess: Reloaded! Blowing Away Bad Ends with Modern Weapons

どうしても破滅したくない悪役令嬢が現代兵器を手にした結果がこれですDoushitemo Hametsu Shitakunai Akuyaku Reijou ga Gendai Heiki o Te ni Shita Kekka ga Kore desu

Astrid von Oldenburg is no ordinary four-year-old. She’s a child prodigy with a passion for military technology who now finds herself reincarnated in the world of an otome game she played during her past life. But not as the heroine! As the game’s villainess, she’s born with wealth, power, and a fearsome talent for magic. The only problem is that every route leads to her inevitable destruction. Or does it? What if averting her destruction was a simple matter of amassing enough firepower to annihilate anyone who dared even attempt to bring her down?! In a bid to resist fate, the young villainess embarks on the reproduction of all of her favorite weaponry. Whatever it takes, Astrid’s determined to blow away her bad ends with superior firepower!

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Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai
Volume 01 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 02 or (Mirror)

Updated November 30, 2021
Volume 03 or (Mirror)

Next volume est. TBA

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  1. I’m so happy this LN got licensed, the fan translator for the WN is slow as fuck. For those who want to switch – chapter 14 of LN Volume 2 is equivalent to chapter 41 from the WN.

  2. just asking

    Volume 2 was released a few days ago and has yet to be uploaded is up to the contribuitors? or are you not planning on getting vol 2 of this series?

    i am curious cause i haven’t seen it moved to the “LATE” or “DEPENDS ON POPULARYTY” section

    1. As noted here, the release dates are the dates for official release, that is not necessarily the date we will purchase or share it on the site. Our funds are limited so we can only buy a few books, and we usually try to focus on the “late” list instead of buying a recently released book. Books on the site are either purchased by our own money, donated, or shared by people who purchased it. Honestly we don’t have the money to buy all books, so if books aren’t shared on the site yet, it means nobody has gotten it yet and you’ll just have to wait a month or two (until we replenish our pocket money).

      The sidebar is generally updated monthly, so things get pushed into late list only at the start of the next month. The “Depends on popularity” section is actually our (somewhat) controversial section. Official English K-novels are a new thing (official western novels are even newer) and we understand that J-novel readers may be unhappy with their addition to the site. We are currently of the opinion that regardless of shitty novels or good novels, J- or K-, the readers should be the ones to decide what to read, rather than us blocking all sorts of novels just because we personally don’t enjoy it; so we may attempt to get these series if we have the spare funds. BUT, understand that we are mainly a J-novel site, so we have to prioritize the late list first. Popularity matters too, like when we have spare cash and don’t know which book to get, we usually throw up a poll.

      This is the general idea, so hopefully it gives you a clearer understanding of the whats and whys.

      1. Ah yes, the “We should totally bring gunpowder to this world of magic and teach the masses how to efficiently kill people while also giving them a better way to use their magic for fighting much more efficiently and better killing than throwing fireballs and lightning bolts at each other. Oh also, while we’re at it, let’s arm people who can’t use magic to defend thenselves from the oppression by the magic of the elites with weapons that can rival magic or even surpass it depending on circumstances so that they have a chance on an uprising and finally be able to take topple down the power of those who are born with magic”. Fantastic.

    1. Refer to FAQ. You should unblock it. Download the file, then scan with virus. They are blocking based on website, not based on the file itself (i.e. they think website is suspicious so they blocked the file). Just download the file and send it to virustotal to scan, or use your antivirus to scan, it’s safe.

  3. After reading your synopsis and the book’s introduction, I feel the need to quote Enforcer Sorka (from the WoW raid Blackrock Foundry):
    “Ha! What brutality, what bloodshed… Beautiful!”

    Thank you very much for sharing this!

  4. from the same author of “her majesty swarm” if this is half as good as her majesty swarm it will be a good read

    Thanks for the upload

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