Wortenia Senki Vol. 5 Updated

ウォルテニア戦記Record of Wortenia War

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  1. Hello. First of all, a big thank you for your hard work, I really like this novel.
    And there’s a defect in the epub. I see you’re already speaking about it, and after verification I can tell you precisely what the problem:
    – Chapter 2 Title > content: only the begining of chapter 2 (but without the pictures) > End of Chapter 2
    – Chapter 3 Title > content: whole chapter 2 & whole chapter 3 (so the first part of chapter 2 we have seen previously is written twice) > End of Chapter 3

    So, what need to be done is: – to remove all the content after the chapter 2 title to his end.
    – to cut all the real chapter 2 after the title of chapter 3
    – to past it in his right place, after the chapter 2 title

    1. Ah, I see what’s the problem, it doesn’t have the same content, it’s the ToC that leads to the same part twice.

      Chapter 2 leads to chapter 2
      and chapter 3 also leads to chapter 2.

      There won’t be a problem if you just read it without using the table of content for chapter 3.

      Just go from chapter 2 to chapter 3 swiping your finger through the pages.

      1. No, Did you really read the chaps? It seems you didn’t :<
        The ToC links are working fine, they're linking their respective correct chapter link…

        The problem is the CONTENT itself, look

        CHAPTER 2


        CHAPTER 3


        Once you read ALL 14 pages of chapter 2 and move on to chapter 3 MANUALLY by scrolling thorough or by ToC, Chapter 3 would still have the same 14 pages that chapter 2 has.

        1. You guys are quite funny.

          That’s how your reader displays the error in the .ncx
          file, where the table of content is.

          I actually opened the epub and verified there weren’t any double entries, and the only problem I found was in the .ncx file and the part0034.xhtml at the end (that also functions as toc).

          By the way, the new upload still have a problem in part0034.xhtml but I don’t think it will be a problem since the .ncx was fixed at least

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