Youjo Senki

幼女戦記The Saga of Tanya the Evil

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Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical
Volume 01 or (M)
Volume 02 or (M)
Volume 03 or (Mirror)
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Updated June 22, 2020
Volume 07 or (M)

Next volume est. TBD

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  1. Welp…..if u want to, i found out that in google play, theres the ebook from vol 1 all the way to volume 9, i think they cost like 6 or 7 dollars plus tax. I dont know wut differences there r though between the other ones and ebooks. R ebooks voiced or something? Anyways, yeh.

          1. Nope just checked yenpress and Amazon again bot set for 21 January, why would they release both at different days that doesn’t make sense

            1. that is the yenpress release date. yenpress is several years behind. volume 7 released to the Japanese public on December 28, 2016. it wasn’t noticed by most other countries until the anime adaptation. please actually do research before making blatantly false comments. currently the latest released volume is volume 11, which was released to the Japanese public on February 20, 2019. yenpress simply wants to wait between English translated releases to milk as much money as they possibly can out of it.

              1. You do realise that we already know that the English translations are behind the original releases but since we cant read Japanese we are only concerned with the English release date for you. Please don’t try to start anything when you obviously have no clue what is going on and have not read any of the previous comments

                1. and it seems after looking at yenpress and amazon again the release of volume 7 have been pushed back again to match 24 2020

                2. it seems that, even though i read the comments, you seem to have no potential leeway that perhaps there was a misunderstanding as you all used terms such as “release” and “amazon.” amazon has a Japanese version believe it or not, and release, keep in mind no one said English release. now if you were to say this to someone unfamiliar with yenpress’ outputs where they may or may not translate to other languages they’d think you would be talking about the actual native language release date, especially when people say “physical release” all i knew at the time of that post was yenpress was a company, and knowing companies they’d grab all the money, and since they are a company that’s greedy for money, i assumed they’d be branched into several languages, so forgive me for being confused by your lack of specification when it comes to specific language release dates. so to use your own overly aggressive words against you “Please don’t try to start anything when you obviously have no clue what is going on” because hey, i had a clue what was happening, it may have been wrong, but you know, human race and all, mistakes are kinda natural. no need to be condescending.

  2. Is there something wrong with volume 2? or am I using the wrong program? I used both links and used adobe digital edition to open them. Both gave error.

  3. The Nook app claims the volume 2 epub is broken and won’t open it (other epub readers don’t seem to have problem though)

  4. It appears volume 6 would either come out on July 30 (according to Kobo) or August 6 (according to Yen Press).

    1. It should work, are you sure you downloaded the correct and complete zip file? The normal links lead you to mega right? Try another browser or adjust your adblocker? Or just keep using the (M) links? The files in (M) are the same as normal version.

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