Youkoso Zitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へClassroom of the EliteYouzitsu

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Genre: Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance, School Life
Volume 01 or (M)
Volume 02 or (M)
Volume 03 or (M)
Volume 04 or (M)
Volume 04.5 or (M)
Volume 05 or (M)
Volume 06 or (Mirror)

Updated October 29, 2020
Volume 07 or (Mirror)

Next volume est. TBD

44 thoughts on “Youkoso Zitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

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        1. I can’t see the image. The image server has an error 504. Can you upload to imgur or imgbb?

          I still don’t know your problem but generally, you need to enter this page to get the links for the files, if you are viewing using “previous page” from the main page, you still have to click the Title of the post to enter this page. Everything is on this page.

      1. As I have said in the picture above, link to vol 4 and 5 not in this page

        But if i search manually, i can find the link vol 4 and 5 in this site, so i think you can tidy up

        and all link work perfectly except vol 2, i don’t know this is my internet or not but link vol 2 is super slow to download

        sorry my bad english

        1. Ok i see the picture now. This is a problem with your own antivirus or internet security software/addon/extension. Your security software removed the links on the page. You will have to adjust the settings by yourself or make an exception for this website, or something.

          1. Maybe you right, when i see at my phone, all link perfectly in this page but when i look at my laptop the link vol 4&5 is missing

            I wonder when i change my chrome setting, i will try look another browser then

            1. i think it’s not your chrome setting, i think it’s an antivirus software or internet security software. On chrome, check your Extensions, see if there’s anything like that there?

              1. Oh, that’s why I don’t usually see 2 links… For me uBlock removed links, so everything was fine after I’ve turned it off

                1. You don’t have to turn it off, just follow the instructions on the sticky post on the front page and add an exception, and all will be well

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