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So uh, my computer broke, and then unbroked. I failed to check the “ZIP Legacy Encryption” setting in my new winrar installation when i was zipping the file, causing some people to be unable to unzip the file or encountering error code 0x080004005. I suppose you do not have an unzipping software installed and are using whatever windows has by default? To solve this issue, either install 7zip / winrar, or i’ll have to re-upload new zips for everything uploaded in the past weekend.

Just wondering how many people are bothered/affected by this issue.

PS: Ooookay it seems a rather substantial amount of yous are affected by this zip issue so I’ve reuploaded all the affected files~

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  1. im starting to think his PC broke agian or hes busy, or both, lets just wait and see till the end of the month, maybe his pc wil unbroke again XD if its not the PC being broken i hope everything’s fine

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