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So uh, my computer broke, and then unbroked. I failed to check the “ZIP Legacy Encryption” setting in my new winrar installation when i was zipping the file, causing some people to be unable to unzip the file or encountering error code 0x080004005. I suppose you do not have an unzipping software installed and are using whatever windows has by default? To solve this issue, either install 7zip / winrar, or i’ll have to re-upload new zips for everything uploaded in the past weekend.

Just wondering how many people are bothered/affected by this issue.

PS: Ooookay it seems a rather substantial amount of yous are affected by this zip issue so I’ve reuploaded all the affected files~

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    1. i know, im looking forward to it as well but we shouldnt be pressuring him at all seeing as he does this purely because he wants to, not to mention we cant really tell him what to do seeing as well. we are here on a website providing free novels which he himself bought or are provided to him

    1. its sad that the first thing i thought about was PC related… then i noticed computers of that time probably couldnt even have zip folders…. so i started wincing thinking of the other zip error…. ouch

      1. You’d be surprised… I remember the 80s and 90s having zips.. of course back in thoses days it was a pain in my behind so…

  1. Using Zarchiver on phone so no issue on my ends, but like a person above said maybe add an addendum like “those specific files need an archiver like Winrar/7zip if you want to dezip them” on the specific download page for affected files?

  2. I have no issues. I’m on a Mac using Unarchiver. Maybe instead of taking all the time to re-upload the files you could just add something to the post such as “use WinRAR etc.” Thank you for all the hard work! I’m glad your computer is up and running again.

  3. It won’t affect me or anyone else that is currently following you. But for someone who finds your archive six months or a year later won’t have the benefit of knowing this. They may just find one of the novels and not bother to look anywhere else on your site to know better. I would think that you could fix them when you have time but it isn’t a rush.

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