Qualia the Purple

紫色のクオリアMurasakiiro no Qualia

In this romantic science fiction thriller with a yuri core, what does it mean to be human when humans look like robots through your eyes?

Junior high schooler Marii Yukari sees all humans, aside from herself, as robots through her vivid, purple eyes. Yet even with such a strange perspective on the world, her classmates treat her like an unassuming, strange girl, including Manabu “Gaku” Hatou, her sole friend. Yet strange things start occurring around Yukari, and when she is recruited into an underground organization due to her unique talents, Manabu finds herself tangled up in a realm of dangerous experiments and quantum physics unlike anything she could have ever imagined! Yet is her friendship with Marii enough to save them both from whatever awaits them in the scientific underbelly of the world?

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Genre: Drama, Mystery, Psychological, School Life, Science Fiction, Shoujo Ai
Volume 01 or (Mirror)

Password: thatnovelcorner.com

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  1. Damn, manga to this one was sooo gooood, even if translation is unfinished (wasn’t checking for updates since 5+ years ago). It’s kind of heavy on psychological and SF so I can understand that it may be a b*tch to translate, specially if original translator stopped midway. Anyway, thanks for LN, I can finally read the ending of this great story.

  2. Man just love this series I read the manga and it was just fucking crazy haha, it’s gonna be a wild ride reading this, really recommend, the start is very weird but just continue it gets a lot better and weirder haha.

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