Yoru no Bakemono

よるのばけものAt Night, I Become a Monster

By day, Adachi is a normal student. By night, he’s a terrifying creature of many eyes and many legs who lurks in the darkness. One night, while haunting his own school, he comes across his classmate Yano Satsuki–she’s been an unexpected victim of bullying, and stalking the night in her own way. He’s surprised to find himself developing a sympathetic relationship with her. In this supernatural novel about nighttime outcasts, two students confront the monstrous ways that humans can treat each other.

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Genre: Drama, Supernatural
Volume 01 or (Mirror)

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  1. A story about discovering yourself.

    Spoilers ahead

    At the end of the story Adachi says that he is afraid of Yano. Yano’s reply to this is that it’s sad, not because he is afraid of her but because she understands that he is afraid of himself. Afraid of what he’s become over the course of the bullying, afraid of his own cowardice, and afraid of his own two faced nature. Hence he is the villain, the monster to overcome in this story. In the end, he accepts himself which leads him being able to accept others and their views. Thus the monster is put to rest.

    You can only truly love others when you love yourself.

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